1. Pollen Trio Live-to-Air Set & Interview

    "In January 2012, Canberra’s Pollen Trio were in Sydney for the Now Now annual festival of ‘exploratory music’ – a genuine feast for lovers of experimental, spontaneous and downright surprising music. The trio uncomfortably fit the genre of ‘avant jazz’, instead taking in a broad range of influences – most directly from their ‘day jobs’ as members of well-known Canberra bands, Spartak and Kasha. With a love of Flying Lotus and Autechre, blended with a reverence for non-trad jazz masters such as Morton Feldman and Ornette Coleman, there’s a lot to listen out for in this podcast, when the trio (masquerading as a duo) played a live-to-sir set on New Weird Australia, on Thursday January 19th 2012.”


    Slow Roll is out now and available through our bandcamp.